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My first memory of you was this little boy about 7 or 8 and the smile that was as big as the moon,  and i loved you from the start, your smile , your charm yes even then you could  charm anyone .  you grew into a man that had his problems but you where always there when we needed  you . you helped me with the kids when they where growing up always being uncle jimmy, playing ball with the boys or even just talking to traci.  we all miss you and love you .

well... one of the best memoris i have is when my son met you, you wasnt i n the best state, but i wanted you to know him and him to know you... and before you passed, he gave you a bunch of kisses... i loved that moment... i know you prolly didnt want himt o see you like that, but "I" needed it... just know he will grow up knowing you and caring for you... just like the rest of us.. WE LOVE AND MISS YOU!!! Tyler sends more and more kisses your way..... and also remember SANTANA LOVES YOU!!
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