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One of my best memories of Jimmy was in December of 1995.  It was a long time ago yet it seems like it was only yesterday.  It was around Christmas time and Dad told me that you were in the hospital. My Larry was only 3 months old but Dad said that you wanted to see him.  So I took him to the hospital to meet his Uncle Jimmy.  The smile on your face was incredible.  You could see the love and joy in your eyes.  I wish now that he, and his brothers, could have spent some more time with their Uncle Jimmy.  We will all be together again someday.  You know of course that it isn't just a coincidence that my oldest son is named after my brother's favorite basketball player.  We love and miss you very much!!!!


I used to write Jim every couple of weeks while he was away for the last couple of years.  I would check in with him and to let him know what was going on with the family.  This will be my last letter.


Hi Jim,


I know you are in a better place now.  I bet that heaven is beautiful.  Some day I will come to join you.  I know this sounds selfish but I hope it’s not too soon.  You will have to save a nice cloud for me.  Everything around here is going as well as can be expected.  We all have our moments but we try to remember that you are at rest and at peace. 


Autumn’s birthday is today and mine is next week.  We will have a nice party and will be thinking of you.  I know how much you love to party.  Autumn is growing like a weed. I’m sure you can see her and all of us from where you are. 


Mom has been talking to Charlie lately.  I think that your passing is something that has brought a lot of people together.  We all think of you everyday.  This is a time where old friendships are renewed and current friendships are tested.  Everyone has their own way of grieving but some people just don’t understand how much has actually been lost.


Tami, Roger and the kids are doing pretty well.  Can you believe that Brendan is going to be in high school next year?  Tami has been a great help in getting all of us through this difficult time.  We are now making plans to go home to Maine to celebrate your life in June.  I know you will be looking over us and seeing how many people are there remembering you.


I need to close now.  I have to move on with life while still holding you in my heart.  Watch over us and help keep us safe.


My love always.





Remeber when:

    ashtrays where a late night snack

    pit parties were a prelude for fun

    sissy moving was a tearful night before

    getting to AZ was a reunion for the gods to enjoy

    losing you was the day from HELL

    missing you is a daily challenge

    loving you is minute by minute

    joining you later will be............ well I guess god only knows and he'll be the one to decide when it is time but I know someday we will be together again having a late night snack, a prelude to fun, and the reunion to rock the devil himself!!!!!!  But I will always love and miss you!!


Well here it is Easter Sunday, We are all missing you dearly. I can sit here and remember you on holidays. You loved all of them. I think what you liked best was being with the kids..I have memories of you crawling around on the floor with tabby and sam trying to help them find eggs.I think you had more fun then they did. You always loved being with the family. You made us laugh through out the day.Well jim I hope you have a wounderful day in heaven with all our family and friends that went before you..We all will be thinking of you.....

All my love

your sister....


I found something in his belongings the other day and thought I would share it with you.  Jimmy often wrote down lyrics to songs or poems and would send them in our letters.  This one really hits home...

We cannot control the movement of time

nor can we control our own destiny or the destinies of those we love

but we can take comfort in knowing that those who have lived in our hearts, are never really gone,

for as long as we keep them with us in our hearts and in our thoughts,  they will be with us always

for love, which is timeless, never ceases to exist

One of my favorite memories. Was when you and my dad and i went to the Phoenix international raceway to see all the drivers practice for the race the next day and that we had so much fun. And also when you fixed my Game Cube so we didn't have to get new wires for it. Just remember i will always LOVE YOU and you will always be in my 
the day we brought lil april home you held her in your arms and you just smiled and you said we should give her the middle name rayne, well jimmy almost 15 years have passed and were giving you your wish april will be legally changing her middle name to rayne i hope you are happy about that jimmy your smile will forever be engraved into my heart. i hope yor family knows just how much they all mean to us watch over them and give them peace of heart and mind. you are forever loved
Keri Holst
I don't think I could pick just one memory to share but I do know that every moment you were around was a blast. You always knew how to make everyone smile with your jokes and fun spirit. I have missed you and will always mis you. Can you do me a huge favor? Will you tell James I love him and miss him bunches. It's been 10 years and I'm sure he's glad to see you. love and miss you.
I Remember When me and you use to write notes back and forth through the mail, and We always sent back nomatter what! and I miss them days Even though we stopped! I Miss You and I love.. I Wish You Peace
Jimmy came into my life at a time when I was through with relationships.  I was so tired of being hurt , I did not want anything to do with anyone.  David (Jim's brother), was living with me at the time.  He convinced me to go with him to see Jimmy so he did not have to go alone.  Jimmy and I started writing back and forth about 4 or 5 times a week.  I have hundreds of letters from him during this time.  I believe we had met years earlier at Tami's house on New Years Eve, but I was attached at the time.  Jimmy wrote letters to me that most people would not believe he could write.  He won my heart and asked me to marry him.  It was not the most romantic wedding, being in the jail, but it was our wedding.  At a time when I did not think I would ever love again, he convinced me that I should.  Although our marriage had its ups and downs, I always loved him.  I am sad that we did not get our happily ever after, as that is all he wanted to give me.  I am glad we had the time we did and I do not regret a minute.  I have found a family that I can not live without.  Jimmy-I will always love you and will miss you more than you could ever know.  Jordan loves and misses you also.  He is also struggling with not having the father he always wanted.  Thank you for showing us who you were.  We will never forget......I love you.
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